The Properties Group Acquires Commercial Property in Bancroft

At May 30, 2019
Ottawa-based commercial real estate company, The Properties Group Management Ltd., has acquired property located at 315 Hastings Street West (Highway 62) in Bancroft, Ontario.

The property, anchored by an 8,000-square-foot building hosting LCBO that recently opened in 2018, is located just north of downtown Bancroft and is immediately adjacent to the existing Foodland and Canadian Tire.

Approvals are in place to permit an additional 8,000 square feet of commercial retail units. Development and construction updates will be reported as received.

Leasing inquiries regarding the new, 8,000-square-foot space should be directed to Bruce Barrett, Director of Leasing at 613.237.2425.

The Properties Group Names David Cordick New Manager, Property Management

At May 21, 2019

The Properties Group Ltd. has announced the hiring of David Cordick as Manager, Property Management. Cordick brings more than 35 years of commercial and residential property management experience serving public and private sector clients. His extensive experience in the real estate industry includes leasing, project management, financial management and facilities/property management.

Leading the Property Management team, Cordick is responsible for full-scale management and maintenance of more than 80 properties located in Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

The Properties Group manages a growing portfolio of commercial and residential properties and uses cutting-edge commercial real estate trends and techniques to be at the forefront of development, leasing, asset management, and syndication. The organization offers its clients and investors an array of services in acquisition, management, and investments.

For more information on The Properties Group contact us by phone at (613) 237-2425 or email at

The Properties Group Welcomes Andrew Glass, Director of Leasing & Development

At Sep 04, 2018
  The Properties Group is pleased to announce that Andrew Glass has been hired as its Director of Leasing and Development.

Glass, showcasing a background of nearly 25 combined years in land-use planning, development and leasing, will be responsible for all of the organization's commercial leasing activity for more than 100 commercial and residential properties across Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Quebec and for all current and future development projects.

The Properties Group manages a growing portfolio of commercial and residential properties and uses cutting-edge commercial real estate trends and techniques to be at the forefront of development, leasing, asset management and syndication. The organization offers its clients and investors an array of services in acquisition, management and investments.

For more information on The Properties Group contact us by phone at (613) 237-2425 or email at

How A Good Property Manager Can Help You and Your Investment

At Aug 15, 2017
As a property investor, you know that managing your property requires not only extensive experience but also a hefty amount of your personal attention to complex management issues. The right property manager will go above and beyond in increasing the value of your property investment by working alongside you as an adviser, ensure stability and increase returns and capital growth with their expertise and industry knowledge. Proactive Maintenance The best way to solve a problem is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Paying close attention to things that may require regular maintenance rather than taking care of something after it has broke or stopped working can help minimize future large scale repair costs. This is a proactive approach that separates property managers from really good property managers, particularly if regular maintenance means an item does not have to be replaced sooner than it needs to be. As hard as it may be to secure good tenants, good landlords can be just as hard to find. Keeping your tenants impressed with your on-the-ball and proactive maintenance leaves tenants feeling looked after and secure with their choice of landlord, which in turn will improve the likelihood of the tenant sticking around through rent increases. Risk Management Real estate property management requires a high level of detail and expertise, owning a rental property comes hand in hand with many ongoing risks that need to be payed attention too. Working with a property manager ensures you are up to date with the latest laws regarding tenanted properties, building codes, town planning procedures, statutory requirements and any other legislation relating to investment property. The right property management team can protect your investment by properly maintaining and managing your property through an organized system that keeps them up to date with all rules and regulations. Property Market Insights Working with a dedicated property manager will always ensure you are getting your market value by having a good understanding of relevant information that may influence rental rates in your local suburb. Although there is always coverage in the media, it may be difficult for busy investors to keep up with what is often a changeable market. It is a property managers job to be kept up to date on market trends on a daily basis, working with a property manager will always ensure you are getting your market value. How We Can Help At The Properties Group, we understand that every client and property is unique. With services that come tailor made, allow us to create the most effective asset management plan for you through close monitoring of all industry trends, income, and costs in order to maximize your return on investment and simplify your life at the same time. With a diverse portfolio of over 70 commercial and residential properties around Eastern and Central Canada, leave the hard work of managing your property and assets to the experts. Looking for property management solution or advice? Find out more about The Properties Group management services or get in touch.   For the latest news on the Properties Group, subscribe to our newsletter.    

Summer 2017: Retail Openings

At Aug 01, 2017
We understand that business owners and operators are looking for the right location, facilities, and relationships to grow and strengthen their businesses. At The Properties Group, we love working with organizations that are looking to make a statement about who they are, what they stand for, and who care about finding the right property to reflect their brand. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank our valued Tenants and congratulate those who celebrated their grand opening this past quarter:
The Properties Group. La Catrina Churros 105 Clarence Street, Byward Market, Ottawa. Commercial Real Estate Retail Space for Lease.

Lat Catrina Churros Dessert Bar
Unit B, 105 Clarence Street, Ottawa

The Properties Group. Zaks Cantina 10 Byward Market, Ottawa. Commercial Real Estate Retail Space for Lease.

Zak's Cantina
10 Byward Market, Ottawa

The Properties Group. The Match Factory, Hampton, New Brunswick. Commercial Real Estate Retail Space for Lease.

The Match Factory
Unit 8, 454 Main Street, Hampton

The Properties Group. Delightful Tastes Cakes 2179 Oglivie Road Ottawa. Commercial Real Estate Retail Space for Lease.

Delightful Tastes
2179 Oglivie Road, Ottawa


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Why You Need Tenants Insurance

At Jul 12, 2017
When entering a new lease with The Properties Group it is required that all tenants, both residential and commercial, acquire tenant insurance. As a renter, considering insurance is not usually considered at all. According to Statistics Canada, less than half of residential renters purchase tenant insurance when entering into a new lease. Protecting your business and personal life is important to us. Renters insurance will help protect you and your possessions in the event of a loss or damage. Here is a quick breakdown on what tenant insurance can do for you. Protection As a tenant, you may not own your space, but you do own everything in it which can include furniture, fine jewellery, equipment, and entertainment products. In the case of an unfortunate mishap, without tenant insurance all of these products will not be covered and you will be responsible for refurnishing your unit. These unexpected costs can lead to serious stress on your personal or professional life. Liability Personal liability is a critical factor to consider in regards to why tenant insurance is important. Even though you may not consider your belongings to be of value, that does not mean your surrounding neighbours feel the same way. Imagine a fire that sets in your home or business and effects the surrounding units, you could be held financially responsible for any damages that you cause, even if it is accidental. Tenant insurance also covers legal and medical bills if you are found at fault in an unfortunate event. Affordability Tenant insurance can be a life changing service that is easy to obtain and comes at an affordable cost, purchased at an average of $20 - $30 a month. Statistics Canada studies show that tenant households that bought tenant insurance spend an average of $309, less than half of what homeowners pay. Combining your tenant and auto policies can also help lower your premiums. Compare prices through insurance professionals to find the best fit for your needs. Whether you are a business owner or residential renter, the importance of understanding basic tenant insurance will help you achieve a piece of mind.  For more information regarding tenants insurance and our policies, contact an agent today at 613-237-2425.  

Ottawa Celebrates 150 Years

At Jun 14, 2017
Turning 150 years old is a big deal, and Ottawa will be celebrating all year long. This summer, Ottawa will be hosting an impressive list of outstanding events ranging from entertainment, arts, sporting, and more. We would hate to see you miss out, so here is a list of the attractions that will be making Canadian history, all set to take place in our beautiful capital. Kontinuum
Ottawa 2017
July - September 2017 (exact dates TBA) Step into the future with Kontinuum, an underground virtual multimedia experience that will be projected in one of Ottawa's future light rail transit stations. This experience will not only be the first in the world but also builds innovative anticipation for the new transportation system in the nationals capital. To make this even better, the whole experience will be free and open to the public for everyone to enjoy. We're excited for this one!   MOSAÏCANADA 150 Guy Boily
June 30th - October 15th 2017 Another milestone event for Canada, MOSAÏCANADA will be hosting the biggest ever Canadian horticulture event at Jacques -Cartier Park in Gatineau, featuring mind blowing artworks and sculptures of plants and creative living. The theme will reflect 150 years of all things Canada, including art, history, and culture. La Machine
Source: vimeo
July 27th - July 30th Making its debut in Canada, La Machine will be captivating downtown Ottawa in a show titled "The Spirit of the Dragon Horse, With Stolen Wings". Get excited to be blown away by creativity while following their journey, the show will be held for 24 hours a day over the course of 4 days.   Red Bull Global Rallycross
Source: vimeo
June 17th - June 18th 2017 For the first time in history, Red Bull Global Rallycross will be taking place in Ottawa at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum. The event will be held on the grounds of the Rockcliffe Airport and will feature 600 horsepower Supercars reaching top speed for jam packed entertainment. Tickets start at $75, buy yours here .   This is only a fraction of what we have to look forward too in Ottawa this year! For a full list of events, click here.

Advantages Of Working In An Office Space

At May 15, 2017
With the increasing popularity of working from home in the last decade, more and more employees are ditching the office and heading to a local coffee shop or their home work station with nothing but the internet and a smartphone to get their work done. Without a doubt, there are many advantages to working from the comfort of your home, however there is certainly still important advantages that remain when considering the benefits of working in an office setting. Motivation With others around you chipping away at their day and completing their tasks, it's hard not to motivate yourself to do better everyday in an office. Most people are lucky enough to have co workers who encourage them to do better and praise them in person for a job well done which keeps employees highly motivated and feeling good about themselves, while successfully working from home requires an extreme amount of self discipline and focus. Social Factor The social factor plays a huge part in why going to work in an office setting has an upper hand. The office is a place where co workers become life long friends, team building allows you to get to know and respect one another on a more personal level and can make the possible transition to a new city or town an easy one. You are able to make new connections and network on a daily basis if you choose too in an office setting. For some, working from home can feel more like isolation, and in severe cases no interaction all day can even lead to a feeling of loneliness and even a mild depression. Collaboration We all know that collaboration leads to innovation which ultimately leads to groundbreaking ideas that shape a company's success. Communication is easier in the office, having the opportunity to engage in a quick in person meeting when ideas come to mind makes working in an office setting favorable to those who value this important aspect of their career.   All in all, depending on what your role is, working from home may not always be the best fit. If you are glued to your desk for 99% of the day, and prefer to have your privacy with little interference, working remotely is a fantastic option. If your job requires collaboration and you thrive off interaction in order to be successful, then the office environment is for you. For listings of available office space, click here:
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How Tech is Changing the Real Estate Industry

At Apr 19, 2017
The Ottawa housing market is booming, with sales approaching the record breaking point in March and up 28% from this time last year, according to the Ottawa Real Estate Board. To keep up with the increasing number of potential buyers while still attracting new sellers and managing leads, tech advances are helping real estate brokerages and agents deal with the high demand. Virtual reality is the newest, and unarguably most advanced, tech tool that is coming to the forefront in real estate agencies, offering home buyers the experience of 3D home tours on listing pages without having to travel to the property. Although VR offers a ground breaking experience for potential buyers, the cost may be too great for some brokerages. So, while we wait for VR to become more accessible here is a list of other tech tools that can help real estate professionals grow their business and generate more revenue. Social Media Platforms: Instagram Video With new and existing properties constantly becoming available, the obvious platform to keep potential buyers informed is Facebook. However, the new promotional tool of choice is becoming Instagram. With 200 million daily active users, Instagrams new video feature is rivaling Facebook for daily video user engagement. This feature allows you to quickly record 30 second long videos of new listings and share them instantly, this is just enough time for a short house tour or slideshow of the properties amenities. Instagram also offers brokers and their agents to interact with leads through private messaging and arrange viewings. Industry Apps New apps are emerging onto the real estate scene, Real , an app that allows licensed realtors to get connected to a one stop platform for work, allows them to manage appointments, send out online marketing materials and even handle accounting. Real also provides free leads without referral fee charges. Another useful tool for agents is the time saving bot, a platform that allows agents or brokerages to arrange meetings by connecting with other users' calendar, offering exact time options that fit with everyone's schedules. The bot does everything when it comes to scheduling including following up if someone doesn't reply and calculating travel time between meetings. Drones Drones are becoming an increasingly popular tool in the real estate industry, the modern tool is allowing real estate firms to capture stunning aerial videos of listings and can be that extra kick you need to promote both residential and commercial properties, leaving potential buyers in awe of the birds eye view that the footage offers. Using a drone to showcase properties gives a different, complete perspective of what a property and the surrounding neighborhood has to offer. Drones offer a high tech experience with a wide range of benefits at a relatively inexpensive price, making it an appealing option for realtors to take their property marketing to the next level.

A Neighbourhood Guide to Ottawa

At Apr 12, 2017

Spring is finally here and businesses are beginning to flourish and more and more new residents are preparing to call Ottawa home. From urban living to rural comfort, Ottawa is a diverse city that has something to offer for everyone. Whether you are looking to start a new business, or thinking of making the move to the nations capital, here is a guide to popular Ottawa neighbourhoods we all know and love.

Byward Market

When people visit the nation’s capital, the Byward Market is the number one destination at the top of their list. With a diverse selection of activities including dining at one of over 120 restaurants, shopping, arts and lively entertainment, “the Market”, as Ottawans call it, has something to offer for everyone. The Market has seen a rapid growth in residential efforts over the years and is considered the commercial, industrial and residential hub of Ottawa.

Sandy Hill

Located east of the Byward Market, Sandy Hill has a good selection of residential and commercial property being one of the oldest neighborhoods in the capital. The area is commonly known as being a stomping ground for young University students due to its close proximity to the University of Ottawa and the downtown Ottawa nightlife. This area is filled with heritage homes and is in walking distance to national monuments, historical sites, and the Rideau Canal, which means no worrying about what to do with your days off!


Nepean is home to a community of 125,000 and growing and offers a variety of property types for any demographic. An ideal location for government workers and families, Nepean is a very short commute to the downtown core and is surrounded by a large number of schools within the neighborhood ranging from English to French, public, private, Catholic and non-religious private schools. The diversity in the Nepean neighborhood opens countless opportunities for both commercial and residential leasing due to its diversity and size.


Ottawa’s Centertown is occupied by Gloucester, Lisgar, Bronson Avenue, the Queensway and the Rideau Canal. Centertown is marked by a mix of residential and commercial properties while occupying some of the busiest streets in the city including Bank, Elgin, and Little Italy and is home to an array of Ottawa hotspots such as restaurants and boutique shops, making this a perfect location for new businesses flourish.

The Glebe

One of Ottawa’s first suburbs, The Glebe has seen an incredible transformation over the years. Today, it is one of Ottawa’s trendiest upscale neighborhoods and features a stretch of vibrant restaurants and thriving businesses all while being accessible by foot if you live in the surrounding neighborhoods. The Glebe is known for its incredible modern charm and is ideal for those raising families or the upwardly young professionals.

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