How Tech is Changing the Real Estate Industry

At Apr 19, 2017
The Ottawa housing market is booming, with sales approaching the record breaking point in March and up 28% from this time last year, according to the Ottawa Real Estate Board. To keep up with the increasing number of potential buyers while still attracting new sellers and managing leads, tech advances are helping real estate brokerages and agents deal with the high demand. Virtual reality is the newest, and unarguably most advanced, tech tool that is coming to the forefront in real estate agencies, offering home buyers the experience of 3D home tours on listing pages without having to travel to the property. Although VR offers a ground breaking experience for potential buyers, the cost may be too great for some brokerages. So, while we wait for VR to become more accessible here is a list of other tech tools that can help real estate professionals grow their business and generate more revenue. Social Media Platforms: Instagram Video With new and existing properties constantly becoming available, the obvious platform to keep potential buyers informed is Facebook. However, the new promotional tool of choice is becoming Instagram. With 200 million daily active users, Instagrams new video feature is rivaling Facebook for daily video user engagement. This feature allows you to quickly record 30 second long videos of new listings and share them instantly, this is just enough time for a short house tour or slideshow of the properties amenities. Instagram also offers brokers and their agents to interact with leads through private messaging and arrange viewings. Industry Apps New apps are emerging onto the real estate scene, Real , an app that allows licensed realtors to get connected to a one stop platform for work, allows them to manage appointments, send out online marketing materials and even handle accounting. Real also provides free leads without referral fee charges. Another useful tool for agents is the time saving bot, a platform that allows agents or brokerages to arrange meetings by connecting with other users' calendar, offering exact time options that fit with everyone's schedules. The bot does everything when it comes to scheduling including following up if someone doesn't reply and calculating travel time between meetings. Drones Drones are becoming an increasingly popular tool in the real estate industry, the modern tool is allowing real estate firms to capture stunning aerial videos of listings and can be that extra kick you need to promote both residential and commercial properties, leaving potential buyers in awe of the birds eye view that the footage offers. Using a drone to showcase properties gives a different, complete perspective of what a property and the surrounding neighborhood has to offer. Drones offer a high tech experience with a wide range of benefits at a relatively inexpensive price, making it an appealing option for realtors to take their property marketing to the next level.

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